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Get some writing tools ready, turn up the volume, and apply these IG Client Finder Hacks that you only learn from super fancy millionaires!
You're Not Exactly Sure How to Build An Audience or Find Potential Customers? 
Well You Don't Have To Be...
Not anymore. 
IG Growth Finder Hack 
Training Course
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Go from wondering who you're potential customers will be to identifying your ideal clients who really want want you have to offer:
Do Market Research  #1
Find Potential Clients #2
Plan Your Content
Grow Your Audience #4
You’ve spent years earning your degrees, honing your soft and hard skills, mastering everything that was put in front of you (with lots of drama and trauma along the way) and now you're ready to level-up again to meet your full potential. 

You're an experienced professional & expert, whose ready to end the cycle of being in a constant state of pre-launch fatigue with no end in sight...

We get you and now you're going to get access to this short multi-video training with downloadable & fillable templates so you can quickly start tracking your client discovery progress like the pro that you are! That's right!  
Here's how it works...
You will click on the link below to get your seat in the IG Client Finder Hack Training. Then you will get an email confirmation and login details to access to the course!
We've created this tool to support clients from various technical backgrounds. Here's what they have to say about your instructor!
"As a wife, mom, and full-time Nurse IT professional, I was not sure how to come up with a business concept that is worth focusing on in my little spare time...they helped me pull my ideas out of my head, affirm them, narrow them down, and make them more tangible. Now I am confident that this is both doable and necessary."
Marie St. Louis, MSN - Nurse Informaticist
“A moment of clarity was what I needed and they provided just that! When we spoke, what was suppose to be a 30 minute call turned into a very VALUABLE 2 hour talk of finding gems that I hadn't discovered before. Thanks so much for the pieces you provided. They even went above and beyond by recommending our STEM Outreach Services to others!”
Professor T.K., MS - Chemistry Instructor
"This program helped me narrow down my niche, and even coined the name of my ideal client avatar!...It got me hundreds of replies to my post and dozens of leads for my new coaching program...I sold 2 seats  ($1200)!"
Nina Everflow, MA - Virtual Instructor
“Thank you for the amazing 30-minute power session today. You truly helped me unlock another dimension to my next entrepreneurial steps. I’ve already begun implementing some of the strategies we discussed.”
Paula LittleJohn, MS - Molecular Biologist
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  • Access 12 short video screen recordings to walk you through qualifying your potential clients, so you can make the most of social media marketing and build confidence in yourself as an entrepreneur.
  • Learn the tools to help you take practical action steps towards identifying actionable posts, comments, and profiles while building your audience and planning your content.
  • Best of all, You will get BONUS worksheets: Hashtags and Handles & Client Discovery Templates, so you can really keep track of actionable low-tech market research.
That's a HUGE savings of thousands of dollars in paid market research!
You'd actually be crazy not to try this ;)

Are you ready to Confidently clarify Your ideal client and ideal product for your purpose-driven side-businesS?

What if I don't have a solid idea? I don't know what side-business to create?
You can absolutely be successful in this program if you're you're still discovering how to define and package your purpose, interests, and expertise.

Can you give some specific examples of the lessons?
Conduct a Hashtag Search To ID Your Competition and Clients; Qualify Ideal Clients Based On Their Comments; Create a Dope Profile/Bio and more!

What will I do with the Bonus Templates?
The Templates will help you keep track of your low-tech market research: ideal clients, competition, future posts, and your follow up actions.
Is this curriculum relevant for me since I am in academia and my idea requires funding?Absolutely. We want to empower experts like you to create additional avenues for funding your long-term vision and passion projects. 

What if my idea needs startup funding?
As you know all products require some level of market research before successfully being funded. This is a long game and this training will get you started.

What if I want to create a non-profit business?
All of the strategies we cover in are relevant for experts looking to fund socially and globally conscious projects.
We've served hundreds of experts like you!
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