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How to launch your nerdy side-business...while holding down your busy 9-to-5!
Discover the secrets to growth hacking your startup from an idea to a structured product or service that attracts ideal customers, all WITHOUT the tech overwhelm!
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Chantel Nicolas, PhD

Stop limiting yourself!

So you love STEM, you have multiple degrees, and you want to become an entrepreneur?

Here's what you can do...
“Edit resumes as a side-gig.”
“Learn how to write grants to fund your research.”
“Go back to school and get new certificates and degrees.”
“Start a business doing EXACTLY what you are currently doing.”
No offense...
These are all fine avenues, but we can do that and MORE.
You’ve spent years earning your degrees, honing your soft and hard skills, mastering everything that was put in front of you (with lots of drama and trauma along the way), and now you are ready to level-up, build a business, and create wealth while being socially conscious.
Get ready to clarify, create, and commit to launching your side-business.

My name is Dr. Chantel Nicolas and I want you to see my SPECIAL TRAINING
How to Launch Your Nerdy Side-Business, While Holding Down Your Busy 9-to-5!
What You'll learn on this LIVE Masterclass
  • TOPIC #1 - Three mistakes to avoid when starting your business. 
  • ​TOPIC #2 - How you can finally settle on your business idea so you can create an irresistible offer.
  • ​TOPIC #3 - How to shift from thinking like an employee to thinking like an entrepreneur, so that your expertise can serve your business and not just somebody else's.
  • ​​TOPIC #4 - How to identify your ideal client and where to find them.
A published Ph.D. chemist with an extensive background in multi-disciplinary research, Dr. Nicolas understands the unique challenges faced by STEM professionals and uses her insights and business acumen to guide clients on their journey to become entrepreneurs. From idea development to implementing a business model to marketing approach, Dr. Nicolas delivers mission-critical information to ensure a successful launch.

As a STEM expert,  Dr. Nicolas has developed into an entrepreneur over the years. She has completed extensive entrepreneurship trainings, thrived while supporting million dollar contracts at a  STEM startup company, and even placed with her team at a Techstars Startup Weekend pitch competition. 

Dr. Nicolas is the innovation #BrainstormQueen because whether it's career, personal, or business advice...she has got you covered and she can show you how to do. As a published PhD chemist and data scientist, she am the consummate professional. 

With a passion for STEM and mad entrepreneurial skills, Dr. Nicolas has made it her mission to help self-avowed “nerds” step beyond the stereotypes and reach entrepreneurial goals that deliver intangible rewards. She has served over 600+students in her Expert to Entrepreneur DIY Course! She also started the Nerd Startup Incubator podcast.

She frequently speaks on topics covering entrepreneurship for STEM professionals and how to work a full-time job and launch a nerdy side-business all at the same time. Dr. Nicolas is committed to helping brilliant-minded 9-5 experts like you, develop purpose-driven side-businesses so you can level-up, make an impact, and create wealth.   
Top #2 Secrets/Hacks You Will Hear From the Webinar 
Have you been in a constant state of pre-launch fatigue where your idea for your product and vision has been stuck in your head, and for an uncomfortable amount of time? I’ve been there, and once I realized these 2 secrets, everything changed.

Secret #1

You don’t need additional degrees and certificates to create your ideal product or to prove that you can get paid for what you love, what you find meaning in, and what seems to come natural
 to you. You can create what I call a DOPE Package:

Demanded Offering with Premium Elements

This is where you add structure to your product or service in a way that showcases your expertise AND your ability to execute in order to consistently meet your clients needs. We will help you ACTUALLY put together a premium offering that your ideal clients really want to pay for!

Secret #2

The success of your business doesn’t depend on how perfect your product or service is or how many likes your posts get - regardless of how many people see your DOPE Package, it's about
whether you’ve reached the right audience or DOPE Information:

Data to Obtain Paying Early Adopters

I used some of my nerd girl magic to automagically narrow down the ideal clients that I want to reach on social media, and I will show you how I did it without spending a fortune on a marketing firm! Afterall, it's how I reached you and aren’t you dope?!
"I loved the Expert to Entrepreneur Masterclass. Dr. Nicolas' delivery was excellent. I highly recommend this masterclass to anyone who is considering starting a business or who has one and is still working on getting it off the ground. This masterclass gives you a roadmap that is priceless...once you learn it, you pretty much are set up to succeed in narrowing your business idea and taking the necessary steps to determine who will likely want your products or services. This masterclass is an opportunity for professionals to take the guess work out of experimenting with their business ideas. Whether you are struggling to find your business idea or to create a vision for yourself as an entrepreneur, this masterclass has got you covered!"

- Emma Perez, Teen Coach
"All I can say is wow! Dr. Nicolas has such an amazing vibe and she was absolutely on point. As a scientist, it's so refreshing to see STEM represented in business this way. She combines all her experience into a business that helps people like us flourish when trying to get our science-related business ideas off the ground. She offers a unique perspective - a Black female scientist with technical expertise. She is super organized, professional, warm and knows how to execute to help you create and build your business. I highly recommend this masterclass, whether you have a business idea already or are just starting out. It will help you get organized and focused while propelling you to the next level!"

- Dr. Darlene Samuel, Food Scientist & Educator
"Dr. Nicolas has such a warm presence and I've even recommended that my clients work with her to define their business ideas so that they can excel in all ares of their lives. As a multiple business owner and coach, it is so very important that people have access to mentors and services that will help them grow. Many programs will tell you what to do, but they wont distill the information in a way that is relevant so that you can do it for yourself. Dr. Nicolas uses her unique expertise and passions to bring you special lessons learned and programs to help you do it yourself. Just genius!"

- Dr. Patricia Van Pelt, Soulmate Attraction Coach
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